Amber Rose

Amber Rose: the model.. .fashion icon…….. . But better known for her relationship with Yeezy.

Amber Rose is bad as fuck.
“Eww you would let a bald bitch blow you, what if you looked down and forgot she was a girl”
– an ignorant female

A lot of females can’t pull off the low haircut but she can, not only is she hella pretty.. . She has an amazing body. Nice tits, ass for days, legs and a flat stomach. Now just imagine how sexy she would be WITH hair!? . .. Hmm. I felt like her and Kanye was a dope couple, my favorite couple in hollywood… (after Will and Jada of course) Lol, but they just looked dope together from the pictures they took to their sense of fashion it was bittersweet when they ended it. Ima probably marry her in a few years anyway. Wishful thinking.

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