Kreateen – Sorry, it’s not the supplement. [mixtape]

Berkeley rapper, Chilllife brother, kreateen puts out his 2nd official project. Sorry, it’s not the supplement. No, I’m not being bias when I say this is great music. From the concept of the title and artwork and song placement (though it could of been a couple songs longer). With minimal hooks and heavy bass, kreateen is able to show off his unique flow and storytelling ability. in my opinion, the production was above average paired with the vivid metaphors. with a style that appeals to many crowds, this mixtape has a chance to give his talents more exposure. DOWNLOAD/TRACKLIST AFTER THE JUMP.


Tracklist :
1. Intro (Prod. by Sellase!)
2. Swords From Berkeley. (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)
3. Heaven (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)
4. LazySundaySwim (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)
5. Cold Act Ill (w/ TonE Da Underdog) (Prod. by Mallie)
6. Placed Right (Prod. by P.U.D.G.E.)
7. World Domination (Prod. by King Boom)
8. #ChillMob x #ShankleFam (Prod. by Sean O’Connell)
9. The Breakfast x Champion (Prod. by Ro Blvd)
10. Purple Rock Cocaine (Prod. by Sellase!)
11. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Prod. by J Watts)